Saint Irmina of Oehren

detail of a statue of Saint Irmina of Oehren; date unknown, artist unknown, location unknown; photographed on 13 November 2008 by Cornischong; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Irmina of Trier
  • Irmina of Treves
  • Irma…
  • Ermina…
  • Hermione…
  • Ymena…



Daughter of Saint Dagobert II and the Anglo-Saxon princess Matilda. Sister of Saint Adela of Pfalzel. Grand-daughter of Saint Sigebert III of Austrasia. Princess. Betrothed at age 15 to Count Herman, but he died on their wedding day. Irmina became a nun and founded a Benedictine convent in the old castle of Honrien at Trier, Germany, given to her by her father. Generous benefactor to Celtic and Saxon monks. At one point, an epidemic threatened to wipe out her community, but they were saved through the intercessory prayers of Saint Willibrord of Echternach. In gratitude, Irmina gave Willibrord the land at Echternach where he later established the great abbey that bore his name.




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