Saint Iosephus Chang Chu-gi

Saint Iosephus Chang Chu-giAlso known as

  • Yosep Jang Ju-gi
  • Joseph, Giuseppe, José



Born to a wealthy family with a history of working as diplomats. Married. An adult convert to Christianity, he was baptized at age 26 along with his entire family. He served as a catechist, conducting classes first in his home and then in a small building he bought and maintained for that purpose in Paeron, Korea. On four occassions, Iosephus hid in the mountains to avoid government persecution of Christians, and he finally moved to the Jecheon area to escape them in 1845. When Saint Siméon-François Berneux built a seminary in the area, he offered his house for its use, he worked in its administration, and he and his wife farmed to help feed the seminarians. He and his wife were arrested in March 1866. A local official arranged their release, but five days later, Iosephus was arrested again. He admitted in court to being a Christian, teaching Christianity, to helping missionaries, and to owning the building where the catechists had worked for many years. He was imprisoned, tortured and eventually executed for his faith and his work. Martyr.






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