Saint Ioannes Baptista Nam Chong-Sam

Saint Ioannes Baptista Nam Chong-SamAlso known as

  • Nam Jong-Sam
  • Yohan
  • John the Baptist Nam Chong-sam



Lifelong layman in the apostolic vicariate of Korea. Well educated, he embarked at an early age on a career in civil service, and by age 39 was a regional governor. However, John had trouble reconciling his official duties with his Christianity, and he finally resigned in order to work with missionaries, teaching them the Korean language. He moved to Seoul and earned his living teaching Chinese literature to the children of high officials. With increasing fears of a Russian invasion in 1866, a wave of anti-foreign and antiChristian nationalism swept through the country. John-Baptiste was enlisted to bring in French officials to help resolve the matter, but he was eventually swept up in the persecutions that followed, being arrested, tortured and murdered for his faith. Martyr.






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