Saint Ioachim Hao

Saint Ioachim HaoAlso known as

  • Joachim Ho
  • Joakim Hao Kaizhi
  • Yajin



Raised in a pagan family, he worked in cotton for a while, and then as a blacksmith. Convert some time after 1802. Layman catechist in the apostolic vicariate of Guizhou, China. Married; widower. He lived an quietly, giving what he could to the poor, fasting, and having services and teaching in his house. Arrested during an official persecution in 1814; he was tortured and finally exiled to Ili, Mongolia. There he worked with other Christians, even building churches. Joakim aided soldiers assigned to fight Muslim rebels in the area, received commendation for his work by the commanding general, and was allowed to return from exile in 1832. In 1836 he was arrested during another wave of persecutions, ordered to renounce his faith, and put to torture when he refused. Martyr.






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