Saint Ida of Herzfeld

detail from a stained glass window in the chapel at Herzfeld depicting the death of Saint Ida; artist unknown, photographer unknownMemorial


Great-granddaughter of Charlemagne, and grew up in his court. Married to Lord Egbert by arrangement of the emperor. Mother of one son, Warin, who became a monk at Corvey. Widowed very young in 811, she spent the rest of her life single, working for the poor. Reported to have filled a stone coffin with food each day, then gave it to the poor; not only did she help the needy, the coffin reminded her of her responsibilities in this life. Founded the church at Hofstadt, Westphalia, and convent of Herzfeld.





  • filling a tomb with food for the poor
  • carrying a church to indicate having built one
  • with a dove hovering over her head
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