Saint Hymnemodus of Saint-Maurice

Also known as

  • Hymnemodus of San-Moritz
  • Enemodus
  • Himnemond
  • Hymnemode
  • Hymnodus
  • Hynnemond
  • Ymnemodus



Official in the court of King Gundobad of Burgundy. Feeling a call to the religious life, Hymnodus entered the monastery of Grigney in Vienne, France; he was later chosen abbot of the house. In 515, he was appointed abbot of the monastery of Saint Moritz at the site of the massacre of the Theban Legion. With royal support and financing, the monastery expanded and in later centuries became a major religious center and pilgrimage site.


  • 455 in Gaul (modern France), probably in the area of Burgundy



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