Saint Hilarion of Espalion

detail of a statue of Saint Hilarion of Espalion, date and artist unknown; Church of Saint John the Baptist, Espalion, France; photographed by Richard Stracke; swiped from Christian IconographyAlso known as

  • Hilarian of Lévinhac
  • Hilarian of Perse
  • Ylariano…
  • Hylariano…



Born to the Gallic nobility, he was known as a pious child. Priest in Lévinhac, France. He would often pass through an area of Muslim occupation, cross the River Lot, and celebrate Mass in the town of Perse. Martyr.



  • beheaded c.793 in Perse, diocese of Rodez, France
  • legend says that the body got up, washed the blood off the severated head, and then took it to his mother; he had jokingly promised he would do so every time she nagged him of the danger of passing through Muslim territory to being the Sacraments to the people of Perse
  • buried in Lévinhac, France
  • relics enshrined in Perse where they are a stop on the route for pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela


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