Saint Helen of Skofde

image of Saint Helen of Skövde; date unknown, artist unknown; Saint Helen's Church, Skövde, Västergötland, Västra Götaland County, Sweden; photographed by Harri Blomberg; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Helen of Skovde
  • Elin…



Born to the Swedish nobility. She married young, and was the mother of one daughter. Built the church of Skofde, Sweden. Widowed early in her marriage, after which she gave away most of her fortune to the poor. Helen’s son-in-law was murdered by his own servants because of his cruelty. Soon after, Helen left on a pilgrimage, and when the son-in-law’s family arrived to investigate the death, the servants blamed it on Helen, claiming her pilgimage was a cover for fleeing justice. The in-laws believed the story, tracked her down, and killed her.





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