Saint Guntramnus

detail of a statue of Saint Gontran; date unknown, artist unknown; left side of entrance porch, Basilica of Saint Clotilde, Paris, France; photographed on 3 October 2009 by Romain0; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Contran
  • Gontram
  • Gontran
  • Gontrano
  • Gontranno
  • Gunthrammus
  • Gunthramnus
  • Guntram
  • Guntrammo
  • Guntran



Grew up without the faith. Son of King Clotaire and Saint Clothildis. Brother of King Charibert and King Sigebert. King of Orleans and Burgundy in 561. Married to Mercatrude. Peacemaker.

He divorced Mercatrude; some time later she became seriously ill, and when her physician could not cure her, he had the doctor murdered. Upon his conversion to Christianity he was so overcome with remorse for the acts of his prior life, he devoted his energy and fortune to building up the Church.

Protector of the oppressed, care-giver to the sick, tender parent to his subjects, open with alms, especially during plague and famine. He strictly and justly enforced the law without respect to person, yet forgave offenses against himself, including two attempted assassinations.


  • 28 March 592
  • buried in the church of Saint Marcellus, which he had founded
  • his skull is now kept in a silver reliquary




  • king finding treasure and giving it to the poor
  • king with three treasure chests, one of which has a globe and cross
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