Saint Gummarus

Saint GummarusAlso known as

  • Gomer
  • Gommaire
  • Guntmar
  • Gummar
  • Gommar



Son of the Lord of Emblem, a court official. Gummarus received no formal education but grew up serving in the court of Pepin the Short. He married a shrewish noble woman name Guinmarie; they had no children. Soldier in the army of Pepin, serving eight years in the field in Lombardy, Saxony, and the Aquitaine. In his absence, his wife abused the servants and withheld funds for their support. On his return, Gummarus tried to convert her to active Christianity, failed, and they separated in their later years. He became a hermit at Nivesonck. With Saint Rumald, he founded an abbey at Lier, Belgium.



  • 774 of natural causes



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