Saint Gudule of Brussels

detail of an antique holy card of Saint Gudule of Brussels, date and artist unknown; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Ergoule
  • Goedele
  • Goelen
  • Gould
  • Goule
  • Gudula



Daughter of Count Witger and Saint Amalburga; great-niece of Emperor Pepin; sister of Saint Pharaildis of Ghent, Saint Reineldis, and Saint Emebert of Cambrai. Niece and student of Saint Gertrude of Nivelle, who trained her in the religious life. The girl then returned to live at the family castle at Hamme.

Pious and devoted, she lived for her prayers and time in church. During her early morning visits to the church in Moorsel, Belgium the devil extinguished her candle, which would miraculously re-ignite. The flower called tremella deliquescens, bears fruit in the beginning of January; it’s known as “Sinte Goulds lampken” (Saint Gudula’s lantern) because not even the winter can extinguish it.






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