Saint Guarinus of Sion

Saint Guarinus of SionAlso known as

  • Guarinus of Molesmes
  • Guarinus of Sitten
  • Guarinus of Zion
  • Guarin…
  • Guarino…
  • Guerin…
  • Guerrino…
  • Warin…
  • Warinus…



Born to the nobility. Cistercian Benedictine monk at the monastery of Molesmes in Laignes, Côte-d’Or, Burgundy, France. Spiritual student of Saint Robert of Molesmes. Helped found the monastery of Aulps in the Savoy region, diocese of Geneva, Switzerland, and was chosen its second abbot in 1113. In 1120, in order to ensure the house stayed true to its founding principles, he had it moved from the jurisidction of Molesmes and to that of Clairvaux. Guerrino served as abbot for 37 years during which worked endless for the growth of the abbey and the spiritual development of its monks. In 1138 Guerrino agreed to the requests of Pope Innocent II and became bishop of Sion, Switzerland. Though he had accepted the see reluctantly, he was known for his zeal in spreading and supporting the faith in his diocese, and improving its administration.


  • c.1065 at Pont-à-Mousson, Lorraine (in modern France)



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