Saint Gregory of Ostia

detail of a ceramic retablo of Saint Gregory of Ostia saving crops from insect pests; by Juan Ortiz, 1857; Archaeological Museum of Alcoy. Alicante, SpainAlso known as

  • Gregorius IV
  • Gregorio Ostiense
  • Gregorio di Ostia
  • Gregorio de la Berrueza



Benedictine monk. Priest. Abbot of the monastery of Saints Cosma e Damiano ad Micam auream, Rome, Italy. Chosen CardinalBishop of Ostia, Italy and Vatican librarian c.1034 by Pope Benedict IX. Papal legate to the kingdoms of Spanish Navarre and Old Castile. Reported miracle worker, especially concerned with saving crops from pests, he is venerated throughout Navarre and Rioja.



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