Saint Gregory of Narek

Saint Gregory of NarekAlso known as

  • Grigor Narekatsi
  • Gregorio di Narek



Grigor, the son of Bishop Khosrov Andzevatsi, was descended from a line of scholars and churchmen, and was educated by his father and Anania Vartabed, abbess of Narek monastery. He and both his brothers became monks as young men. Gregory excelled in music, astronomy, geometry, mathematics, literature and theology. He was ordained a priest in 977 in his mid-20’s. He lived most of his life in the Narek monastery, where, for his entire adult life, he taught theology in the monastic school. His writings began with a commentary on the Song of Songs, which was commissioned by an Armenian prince, but continued through his life with letters, poems, hymns, music, and essays. Many of his prayers are included in the Divine Liturgy celebrated each Sunday in Armenian Churches around the world, and his masterpiece is considered to be his Book of Lamentations, which has a theme of man’s separation from God, and his quest to reunite with Him; it has been translated into at least 30 languages. He is one of the greatest figures of medieval Armenian religious thought and literature, and has been declared a Doctor of the Universal Church.




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