Saint Godehard of Hildesheim

detail of a statue of Saint Godehard of Hildesheim; date unknown, artist unknown; northwest portal, Cathedral of Hildesheim, Germany; photographed on 24 May 2005 by Hildesia; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Godehard the Bishop
  • Godard
  • Gothard
  • Gottardo
  • Gotthard
  • Godehardus
  • Gothardus



Godehard was raised around churchmen, his father working for the canons of Niederaltaich Abbey in Bavaria. Ordained a priest, Godehard joined the canons of Niederaltaich, and became their provost. Benedictine monk. He helped reintroduce the Benedictine Rule at Niederaltaich, which then sent abbots to Tegernsee, Hersfeld and Kremsmunster to revive the Benedictine Rule. When Godehard served as abbot of Hersfeld Abbey, he built first walls around the city of Gotha, Germany, the church of Saint Margarethen, and some large gardens. Bishop of Hildesheim, Germany in 1022 where he served for the remaining 16 years of his life.






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