Saint Giovanni Battista Clemente Saggio

Also known as

  • Nicola da Longobardi



Born to a poor peasant family, Giovanni was a clever boy who enjoyed study, but had to work the fields with his father instead of going to school. He was a pious child, and would spead whole days in prayer in a local Minim church. At 20, against his family’s wishes (legend says that he was struck blind when his mother objected, and only recovered his sight when she agreed to let him follow his vocation), he became an Oblate friar of the Order of the Minims, taking the name Nicola. Miracle worker.


  • 6 January 1650 in Longobardi, Cosenza, Italy as Giovanni Battista Clemente Saggio
  • legend says that a light shown down on the house at the moment of his birth




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