Saint Gildas the Wise

stained glass window of Saint Gildas the Wise, date and artist unknown; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Badonicus



Born to the English nobility. As a child, he was placed under the care of a nearby monastery where he was trained by Saint Illtyd. Friend of Saint Samson of York and Saint Peter Aurelian. Teacher of Saint Finnian of Clonard, Saint Kenneth of Wales, and Blessed Bieuzy of Brittany. Exceptional student. Monk. Moved to Ireland to study and give his life over to God. Priest. Evangelist in Britain. Founded churches and monasteries in Ireland. Abbot. Miracle worker. Following a pilgrimage to Rome, Italy he became a hermit, living on the tiny island of Rhuys. He attracted followers, and his hermitage became a monastery where he served as its abbot. Wrote several works aimed at monks, encouraging them to holiness. Spiritual advisor. After several years, he returned to England to preach in the north, at which vocation he spent the rest of his life. Earliest British historian; his works were used by Bede the Venerable.





  • with a bell nearby

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