Saint Gerald of Sauve-Majeure

Also known as

  • Gerald of Corbie
  • Gerard of….
  • Geraud of….



Educated at the monastery of Corbie, France. Benedictine monk at Corbie. Cellarer. Travelled with his abbot to Monte Cassino and Rome. Ordained by Pope Saint Leo IX. Suffered from severe headaches; when he returned to the monastery at Corbie, he was cured of them by Saint Adalard. Made a pilgrimage to Palestine. Abbot of Saint Vicent’s abbey, Laon, France. Abbot of Saint Medard abbey at Soissons, France; he was expelled from Saint Medard’s by a usurper for the position of abbot. Founded the abbey of Sauve-Majeure which spread a devotion to the Benedictine Rule.



  • 1095 of natural causes


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