Saint Gengulphus of Burgundy

detail of a photograph of an oil painting of Saint Gengulphus of Burgundy, c.1537 by Meister von Meßkirch, outer left wing of an altarpiece from a side altar of the collegiate church of Saint Martin, Meßkirch, Baden-Württemberg, Germany; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Gandoul
  • Gangloff
  • Gangolf
  • Gangolfo
  • Gangulf
  • Gangulfus
  • Gangulphus
  • Genf
  • Gengolfo
  • Gengou
  • Gengoul
  • Gengoux
  • Gengulf
  • Gigou
  • Gingolph
  • Golf
  • Gongolf



Born to wealthy Burgundian nobility, he became knight and courtier. Married a noble woman who proved frequently unfaithful. Ashamed of her actions, but not wishing her harm, Gengulphus became a hermit in his castle at Avallon, France, leaving his staff of servants to care for his wife. Murdered in his bed by his wife‘s lover. Especially admired in the Netherlands, Belgium, and the Savoy.






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