Saint Genesius of Lyon

Also known as

  • Genès
  • Genes
  • Genestus



Benedictine monk. Abbot of Fontenelle. Part of the court and camp of King Clovis II. Chief almoner to Queen Saint Bathildis. Succeeded Saint Chamond as bishop and archbishop of Lyons, France in 657. Chartered the Abbey of Corbie, France. Chartered the Convent of the Blessed Virgin founded by Ebroin, mayor of the palace, and his wife Leutrude. In a conflict between Ebroin and Saint Leger, Bishop of Autun, Genesius took the bishop‘s side and was attacked by an armed band sent by Ebroin to expel him from Lyons. Genesius gathered his own forces and defended his city.


  • 679 of natural causes
  • his body was in the church of Saint Nicetius till the beginning of the 14th century, when it was transferred to Chelles


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