Saint Genesius, Bishop of Clermont

Also known as

  • Genesio



Descendant of a senatorial family of Auvergne, France. Following a liberal education, he renounced the world for the Church. Archdeacon of Clermont, France under Bishop Proculus. Bishop of Clermont in 656. Founded a hospital at Clermont, the Abbey of Manlieu, the church of Saint Symphorian, and the convent at Chantoin. Fearing for his own soul, he made a secret pilgrimage to Rome, Italy in 661. His bereaved flock sent a deputation to the Vatican; they located Genesius and convinced him to return.


  • 662 of natural causes
  • buried in Saint Symphorian’s church at Clermont, France
  • it is now known as Saint Genesius’s church


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