Saint Gelasius of Armagh

Also known as

  • Giolla Iosa
  • Gioua-Mac-Liag
  • Gilla Meic Liac mac Diarmata



Son of the Irish poet Diarmaid. Abbot in Derry, Ireland for 16 years. Archbishop of Armagh, Ireland in 1138; he served for 36 years. First Irish bishop to receive the pallium. Rebuilt the cathedral of Armagh. As the primate bishop of Ireland, Gelasius travelled widely, preaching to the faithful, re-building old monasteries, convening synods, encouraging teachers. Ordained Saint Lawrence O’Toole as archbishop of Dublin in 1162. Convened a synod in Armagh in 1170 to look for a way to defend against invading Anglo-Normans.


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