Saint Galganus

the Sword of Saint Galganus, Abbazia San Galgano; photographed by Adrian Michael, May 2008; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Galgano
  • Galgano Guidotti



Galgano led a worldly life in his youth, but converted and became a hermit on Monte Siepe in Tuscany, Italy. A church built on the site of his hermitage in 1196 was turned over to the Cistercians in 1201, and they claimed Galgano as one of their own.

Legend says his conversion was caused by a visit from the Archangel Michael. After the vision he said giving up his former lifestyle would be as easy as cutting rocks with a sword. To emphasize this sarcastic remark, he drew his weapon and thrust at a stone, expecting the blade to snap; the sword buried into the rock up to the hilt, and Galganus changed his life.




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