Saint Frigidian of Lucca

detail from an antique Italian holy card of Saint Frigidian of Lucca, artist unknownAlso known as

  • Erigdian
  • Finnian
  • Frediano
  • Fredianus
  • Fridian
  • Fridianus
  • Frigdianus
  • Frigianu
  • Frigidanus



Sometimes confused with Saint Finnian of Moville. Son of King Ultach of Ulster, Ireland. Educated in Irish monasteries. Priest. After a pilgrimage to Rome, Italy he settled as a hermit on Mount Pisano. Bishop of Lucca in 566, though he often left the city to spend days in prayer and solitude. Formed the clergy of his see into a community of canons regular. Rebuilt the cathedral in Lucca after it was burned by the Lombards.

The River Serchio frequently flooded the town of Lucca. Legend says that when the citizens called on Frigidian for aid, he asked for a rake or hoe, prayed over it, ordered the river to follow him, then dug new, safe course for the river by dragging the tool through the dirt.





  • bishop hoeing a piece of ground
  • bishop raking a piece of ground
  • bishop with a crown at his feet
  • changing the course of the River Serchio
  • walking in procession as the Volto Santo crucifix is brought to Lucca on an ox cart


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