Saint Franco of Assergi

detail of an Italiano holy card of Saint Franco of Assergi, date and artist unknown; swiped from Santi e BeatiMemorial


Benedictine monk at the monastery of San Giovannia Battista at Lucoli, Italy for 20 years. Lived for several years as a hermit near the monastery. Hermit in the mountains of Assergi, Italy.

In addition to his reknown for being pious and prayerful, there is a healing spring in the mountains that emerged when Franco prayed for a water supply. He is reported to have rescued a baby in swaddling clothes from a wolf. When he found that he was drawing too much attention (and company) from the locals, he moved into a cave with a mother bear and three cubs, and was left alone.



  • c.1275 of natural causes



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