Saint Francis of Girolamo

holy card of Saint Francis; date unknown, artist unknown; thanks essepiAlso known as

  • Francis di Girolamo
  • Francis de Geronimo
  • Francis de Hieronymo
  • Franciscus de Hieronymo
  • Francis Jerome
  • Francis of Jerome
  • Francesco De Geronimo



Studied humanities and philosophy at the Jesuit college of Taranto, Italy at age 16; studied theology and canon law at the college of Gesu Vecchio. Ordained on 18 March 1666 at Naples, Italy, and served as a parish priest. Joined the Jesuits at age 28 on 1 July 1670. Rural missioner in and around Naples for 40 years.

Successful and effective preacher. Ministered in prisons, brothels, and galleys. Converted Moor and Turkish prisoners of war. Rescued chidren from dangerous and degrading situations. Opened a charity pawn shop. Organized laymen into a group called Oratio della Missione to help fellow Jesuit missioners. Numerous miraculous cures were attributed to him in and after his life. His coffin was thronged by the people of Naples during his funeral procession. A few of his letters have survived, but no sermons.






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