Saint Florinus of Remüs

statue of Saint Florinus of Remüs with his wine jug, date and artist unknown; south portal, church of Saint Florin, Koblenz, Germany; photographed in May 2013 by Willy Horsch; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Florinus of Chur
  • Florinus of Finsgowe
  • Florinus of Matsch
  • Florinus of Mazia
  • Florinus of Ramosch
  • Florinus of Val Venosta
  • Florinus of Vinschgau
  • Florinus of Vnuost
  • Florin of…
  • Florian of…



Legend says that his father was a Saxon, his mother a Jew who converted to Christianity; the two met while they were both on pilgrimage to Rome, Italy, they married, and then settled in the Val Venosta in the Italian Tyrol region. Educated by Father Alexander at the parish of Saint Peter in Remüs (modern Ramosch), Switzerland; previous minister’s there include Saint Othmar of Saint Gall. Ordained in Unterengadin, Switzerland, he served as the parish priest at Saint Peter’s in Remüs, living like a hermit and caring for the poor. Miracle worker who turned water to wine which he then gave away to the poor.






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