Saint Florido of Città di Castello

detail of an Italian holy card of Saint Florido of Città di Castello, date and artist unknown; swiped from Santi e BeatiAlso known as

  • Florencio
  • Fiorenzo



Orphaned at an early age, he managed to study literature and theology and was ordained as a deacon c.542. Forced to flee Città di Castello, Italy to the countryside of Perugia, Italy with Saint Amanzio when his city was over-run by invading troops led by Totila, he impressed the bishop so much that he was ordained as a priest. Healed a madman through prayer in Pantalla, Italy in 544. Some time after 551, he and other exiles returned to Città di Castello and began to rebuild the sacked city. Appointed bishop of Città di Castello by Pope Pelagius II, he served for over 30 years. Friend of Pope Saint Gregory the Great who wrote about Florido’s holy life and adherance to correct doctrine.





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