Saint Flavitas


Captured by invading Lombards in 568, he was deported to Gaul, and sold as a slave in Champagne; his new owner, Montain, paid 30 sous, about the same price as a horse. Montain put him on an estate near Troyes, made him a steward, and married him to a slave named Aponia.

At one point Flavitas fell victim of false accusations of sexual advances toward Montain’s wife. Like Joseph before him in the Old Testament, he was eventually cleared of these charges and returned to his master’s good graces. At another point, Flavitas’ enemies accused him of giving away Montain’s fortune. An audit showed that Flavitas had, indeed, given away enough to earn Montain a reputation for charity – yet had still managed to double the value of the estate.

Late in life, Montain freed both Flavitas and Aponia. Aponia received the veil from Saint Lupus of Sens; Flavitas became a hermit during his studies, and then was ordained. He lived out the rest of his days as a priest in Gaul.


  • c.630 of natural causes


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