Saint Fintan of Doon

illustration of Saint Fintan, from the book 'Saints of the Order of Saint Benedict', designed by Father Amandus LiebhaberAlso known as

  • Fiontan
  • Fintanus



Son of Pipan and Aes; brother of Saint Finlugh. Spiritual student of Saint Comgall at Bangor Abbey. Abbot at Doon, Limerick, Ireland. A holy well dedicated to him is still venerated at Doon. Many miracle stories were attached to him over the years.






  • monk with sickles or wheat (legend says that to prove the power of Christianity, he had a leperwheat ready for harvest, which he then baked into bread for the lepers)

Additional Information


Being brothers both in the flesh and in the Faith O honoured Fintan and Finlugh, you served our Saviour in your native land winning souls for Him by feats of ascetic piety. Cease not your love for men, praying that our souls may also be saved. – troparion of Saint Fintan and Saint Finlugh

By the mercy of our God thy miraculous well still bestows the blessing of healing on those who come in faith, O Father Fintan. Telling the spiritual waters of thy unshakable faith we sing thy praises, together with thy brother Finlugh, and we rejoice in your glory. – kontakion of Saint Fintan and Saint Finlugh

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