Saint Finian Munnu

Also known as

  • Finian of Taghmon
  • Finian Mundus
  • Finian of Tech Munnu
  • Fintan….
  • Finton….
  • Mun
  • Mund
  • Mundas
  • Munda
  • Munnin
  • Munnu



Member of the noble Ui Neill clan. Monk and spiritual student of Saint Columba and Saint Seenell at Cluain Inis, Ireland for 18 years. He moved to Iona Abbey in Scotland, but found Saint Columba had left a prophecy that Finian was to be turned away as he was destined to found another house. Founded Taghmon (Tech Munnu) monastery, County Wexford, Ireland, and served as its first abbot. Attended the Magh Lene Synod in 630 where he defended Celtic liturgical practices against the Latin. In his later years he was afflicted with a terrible skin disease, possibly a form of leprosy, and was known for the patient, uncomplaining way he bore it. There are several churches in Scotland that have his name, possibly because of the evangelization work by the monks his house who thought so highly of him.




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