Saint Fillan

Also known as

  • Fhaolain
  • Filan
  • Foelan
  • Foellan
  • Foilan
  • Foillan
  • Fulan



Son of Feriach and Saint Kentigerna, and related to Saint Comgan. Became a monk in his youth, taking the habit at Saint Fintan Munnu monastery. Accompanied Kentigerna and Comgan to Scotland in the 8th century. Hermit, living most of his life in prayer at Ptiienweem near the Saint Andrew monastery. Abbot of Saint Andrews; his bell and staff survive to today. Hermit at Glendochart, Perthshire, where he built a church.

Legends and large tales naturally grew up around Fillan. For example, a wolf is reported to have killed the ox Fillan employed to work at the church construction site at Glendochart; when the wolf realized whose ox it was, it took the ox‘s place. For centuries after his death, the mentally ill were reported miraculously cured by being dipped in a fountain in the church, tied up, and left overnight near Fillan’s relics; those whose bonds were loosed in the night were cured of their disorders. The victory of Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn was attributed to the presence of Fillan’s relics at the battlefield.





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