Saint Fiace

Also known as

  • Fiacc
  • Fiach
  • Fiech



Prince of Hy-Bairrche, Ireland; son of MacDara. Nephew of the famous bard and convert Dubhtach who taught him to sing. Married layman and father of one son, Fiacre, who was later ordained by Saint Patrick. Convert. Widower. Ordained as a missionary bishop for Leinster, Ireland by Saint Patrick. Founded the churches and monasteries of Domnach-Fiech and Sletty. Known for his severe fasts during Lent. Poet; may have been the author of a metrical life of Saint Patrick, in Irish, said to be the earliest biography of the saint. Though he suffered from an unnamed, painful condition in his later years, he continued to travel his region right up to his death.



  • 520 of natural causes
  • buried in his own church at Sletty



Thou didst devote thy life and ministry to missionary endeavor, O Hierarch Fiace, and art remembered as the hymnographer who honoured the great Patrick. Together with him thou didst drive out of Ireland the ignorance and error of paganism. Pray that Christ our God will raise up noble souls in our day who will restore the Orthodox Faith to the Island of Saints and advance the Kingdom of God for the salvation of souls. – Troparion of Saint Fiace Tone 1

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