Saint Felix of Burgundy

statue of Saint Felix of Burgundy, Cathedral of Norwich, England, sculptor unknownAlso known as

  • Apostle of East Anglia
  • Apostle to the East Angles
  • Felix of Dunwich
  • Felix of East Anglia



Monk. Priest. Met, befriended, converted and baptised King Sigebert who was in exile from East Anglia. When Sigebert returned to East Anglia in 630, he invited Felix to bring Christianity to his people. Felix was ordained bishop by Saint Honoratus of Canterbury, and then sailed up the River Kent, apparently starting his work in the area now known as Felixstowe. Evangelized throughout East Anglia, building a cathedral and school at Dunwich, stone churches throughout the region, and the college that became the University of Cambridge. With Saint Sigebert he founded the Bury Saint Edmunds abbey c.637. Worked with Saint Fursey. Spiritual teacher of Saint Audrey.






  • bishop with three rings on his right hand
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