Saint Felipe de Jesus

Saint Felipe de JesusAlso known as

  • Felipe las Casas Martínez
  • Philip de la Casas
  • Philip of Jesus



Philip’s parents had immigrated from Illescas, Spain to Mexico City, and the boy was born in the New World. It was a pious family; two of his brothers entered the Augustinians, and one was martyred.

He joined the Reformed Franciscan Convent of Santa Barbara in Pueblo, Mexico in his early teens, but left after a year. With his father’s assistance, Philip sailed to Manila in the Philippines to start an overseas trading buiness. However, he continued to feel the call to religious life, and on 22 May 1594 he entered the Franciscan Convent of Our Lady of the Angels in Manila, becoming a friar, and working with the sick.

At his family’s request, he was returned to Mexico in 1596 to be consecrated a bishop, but the ship was blown off course and wrecked on a reef on the coast of Japan; during the storm, Philip had a vision of a white cross hanging above Japan, a cross which became blood red. The locals impounded the ship’s cargo and imprisoned the crew. In order to keep the cargo from Philip’s ship, the warlord Taikosama accused Philip and his crew of piracy and spying for the king of Spain preparatory to an invasion. Philip and several other Christians were placed under house arrest at Miako for several weeks, and then condemned to death. One of the Martyrs of Nagasaki.






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