Saint Felice of Tubzak

Also known as

  • Felice of Carthage
  • Felice of Thiabara
  • Felice of Thibaris
  • Felice of Thibinca
  • Felice of Thibiuca
  • Felice of Tibiuca
  • Felice of Tibiura
  • Felice of Tibiure
  • Felice of Tubzack
  • Felice of Tubzoca
  • Felice of Zoustina
  • Felix of…



Bishop of Tibiuca. During the persecutions of Diocletian, Felice was ordered by Procurator Magniliano to burn his copies of the scriptures. Felice replied that he would rather be burned himself that burn the scriptures. Martyr.



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