Saint Felice of Nicosia

holy card of Saint Felice da Nicosia; swiped off a Capuchin web siteAlso known as

  • Felice Amoroso of Nicosia
  • Filippo Giacomo Amoroso



Son of a shoemaker, he learned his father‘s trade. Pious, hard working youth. Orphan. At age 19 he tried to enter a Capuchin convent, but was turned away; he tried again; and again; and again. After eight years of pleading, he was admitted on 19 October 1743, taking the name Felix. For 40 years he served as a beggar for his house. Had a great devotion to the Blessed Sacrament. Had the gift of healing, both physical and spiritual, and of bilocation. Worked tirelessly with the sick during a plague epidemic in Cerami, Italy in March 1777, healing many and coming though it unharmed. He was so devoted to his obedience to his Order that he asked his guardian for permission to die.






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