Saint Febronia of Patti

Saint Febronia of PattiMemorial

  • 5 July
  • 2 July (intercession in the attack by Ascanio Anzalone)


Born to wealthy pagan family, she converted to Christianity as a young woman during the period of the persecutions of Diocletian; she was baptized by bishop Saint Agatone. Febronia decided to devote herself to God which led to great harassment by the locals and opposition from her family, especially her father who planned an advantageous arranged marriage for her. To escape the abuse at home, she fled to live in the caves on Mons Iovis. Her father found her and was so angry at her defiance that she threw her into the sea. Martyr.

The intercession of Febronia is credited with protecting the city of Patti, Sicily on several occasions –





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