Saint Faro of Meaux

Also known as

  • Burgundofaro
  • Farón
  • Farone
  • Pharo
  • Pharon



Son of Count Agneric. Brother of Saint Cagnoald and Saint Burgundofara. Grew up in the court of King Theodebert II of Austrasia. Married layman. Part of the court of King Clotaire II. When he was 35 years old, he and his wife agreed to separate. Faro became a monk at Meaux, France and then a priest. Bishop of Meaux c.626. Worked for renewal of monastic life, evangelized his diocese, and was known for his charity to the poor. Friend of Saint Fiacre, and dispatched Saint Chillien to evengelize around Artois, France.



  • c.675 of natural causes


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