Saint Famianus of Compostela

detail from an antique Italian holy card of Saint Famianus of Compostela, artist unknownAlso known as

  • Famian
  • Famiano
  • Quardus



Born to a wealthy family, he received minor orders at age 18, and planned for the priesthood. He began to despair of the worldliness of everyone around him, so he gave away his property to the poor and became a pilgrim to Rome, the Holy Lands, and Compostela, Spain where he arrived in 1115. Stayed at Compostela as a hermit for 25 years at San Placido on the River Minho. When the Cistercian abbey of Osera was built nearby, he joined the Order. He later made a second pilgrimage to the Holy Land, dying on the road as he returned.



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