Saint Faith

detail of a stained glass window of Saint Faith; Ott Brothers, 1892; church of Sainte-Foy, Sélestat, France; photographed on 2 July 2011 by Rh-67; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Fides
  • Foi
  • Foy



Reported to have been an exquisitely beautiful woman, utterly indifferent to the world who had dedicated herself to God. Arrested for her faith and tried by Dacian, procurator at Agen, France in the persecutions of Diocletian. Martyred with Saint Alberta. When some of the spectators expressed sympathy for the girl, Dacian had them beheaded.


  • at Agen, Aquitaine, (modern France)







Making the sign of the cross on different parts of her body, [Faith] uttered this prayer, “Lord Jesus, who art always ready to assist your servants, fortify me at this hour, and enable me to answer in a manner worthy of you.”

The tyrant [Dacian], assuming an air of mildness, asked her, “What is your name?”

She answered, “My name is Faith, and I endeavor to support in reality what that flame signifies.”

Dacian – “What is your religion?”

FAITH – “I have from my infancy served Christ, and to him I have consecrated my whole soul.”

Dacian – “Come, child, have some regard for your youth and beauty; renounce the religion you profess, and sacrifice to Diana, who is a divinity of your own sex, and who will bestow on you the most precious gifts.”

FAITH – “The divinities of the Gentiles are devils: how then can you advise me to sacrifice to them?”

Dacian, in a rage, said: “What! do you presume to call our gods devils! you must resolve instantly to offer sacrifice, or expire under torments.”

The saint, calling to mind the courage of the martyrs and the glorious crown promised to those who persevere to the end, far from being terrified at the menaces of the tyrant, feels herself inflamed with a new desire to die for her Lord; “No,” cried she, “I not only am prepared to suffer every torment for Christ, but I burn with impatience to die for him.”

Dacian, more enraged than ever, ordered a brazen bed to be produced, and the saint to be bound on it with iron chains.

A treat fire was kindled under it, the heat of which was rendered still more intolerable by the addition of oil, and other inflammable matter.

The spectators, struck with pity and horror, exclaimed: “How can the tyrant thus torment an innocent young virgin only for worshipping God!”

Hereupon Dacian apprehended numbers of them, and as these refused to sacrifice, they were beheaded with Saint Faith.

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