Saint Euphrosyne of Polotsk

anonymous 19th century Russian icon of Saint Euphrosyne of Polotsk; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Efrasinnia
  • Efrosin
  • Euphrasinne
  • Evfrosinia of Polotsk
  • Pradslava
  • Yefrasinnya Polatskaya



Daughter of Prince Svyatoslav of Polotsk. Granddaughter of Prince Polacak Usiaslau. Entered the Convent of Holy Wisdom at Polotsk, a house founded by her aunt, at age 12; she was later joined by her sister, two nieces, and a cousin. Hermit in a cell in the Cathedral of Holy Wisdom. Book copyist; proceeds from the sale of the books were given to the poor. Founded a convent at Seltse. Pilgrim to Constantinople; received by emperor Manuel I and Patriarch Michael III. Pilgrim to the Holy Lands where she was received by the Crusader King Amaury I. Especially venerated by Belarussians, Ruthenians, Lithuanians, and Russians.





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