Saint Euphrasius of Andújar

detail of a bas-relief statue of Saint Euphrasius, altarpiece at Jaén Cathedral, 18th century; photo taken by Bocachete in August 2006; swiped off WikipediaAlso known as

  • Euphrasius of Illiturgi
  • Euphrasius of Illiturgis
  • Euphemia of….
  • Eufrasio of….
  • Apostle of Spain



First century spiritual student of the Apostles. One of the first group of missionaries to Spain, ordained by Saint Peter and Saint Paul. Martyr.

Legend says that he once travelled from Spain to Rome, Italy in 30 minutes in order to help the Pope; he managed the quick trip by bribing a captive goblin with leftover food. He is also reputed to have brought a portrait of the Virgin Mary which had been painted by Saint Luke and given to him by Saint Peter.




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