Saint Euphemia of Orense

statue of Saint Euphemia, date and artist unknown; facade of the Saint Euphemia church in Orense, Spain; photographed on 1 November 2014 by Po.Lameiro; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Ephemia of Ourense
  • Eufemia…



We have no information about the life, nor specifics about the death of this martyr. Tradition says that her relics were miraculously found by a Spanish shepherdess in the late 11th century. Devotion began immediately due to the miraculous healings caused by the intercession of Saint Euphemia. To fill in the gaps in ther story, beginning in the 16th century there were many “lives” written about her, and many of them confuse her with Saint Euphemia of Chalcedon, but no real information about the life of this Saint Euphemia has survived.



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