Saint Euphemia of Chalcedon

detail from the painting 'Saint Euphemia' by Andrea Mantegna, 1454Memorial


Born to a wealthy, aristocratic, and pious family; the daughter of Philophorm and Theodosia, Christians in a pagan world. Consecrated virgin who used her fortune to aid the poor. Ordered to sacrifice to a statue of Ares, she refused. She was imprisoned and tortured, but repeatedly was miraculously healed. When her example had strengthened her companions and converted all of the pagans who would listen, include Saint Sosthenes and Victor, she died. Martyr.







We are people endowed with reason, for whom it would be the greatest disgrace to abandon the one true God, the Maker of heaven and earth, in order to worship dumb, senseless idols. We are not afraid of torments you threaten us with. They will be easy for us to bear and will show the power of our God. Saint Euphemia to Proconsul Priscius when ordered to sacrifice to a statue

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