Saint Eulalia of Merida

painting of the martyrdom of Saint Eulalia; John William Waterhouse, 1885, oil on canvas; Tate CollectionAlso known as

  • Aulaire of Merida
  • Aulazie of Merida
  • Olalla of Merida



A consecrated virgin who, from her early youth, wanted to be a martyr. During the Diocletian persecutions, when she was around 12 to 14 years old (sources vary), she went to the tribunal, and confessed her faith on her own initiative. Tortured and martyred with Saint Julia of Merida. Legend says that when she was thrown naked into the street, snow fell to cover her; later when her ashes were dumped in a field, snow fell on them to create a burial pall. Often confused with Saint Eulalia of Barcelona.




Name Meaning

  • victory (gaelic)
  • fair shout (greek)



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