Saint Ethelbert of East Anglia

stained glass window Saint Ethelbert of East Anglia with the Christ Child, date unknown, artist unknown; Saint Ethelbert's Church, Alby, Norfolk, England; photographed on 7 November 2010 by Amitchelll125; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Aethelbert
  • Albert
  • Albright



Son of Ethelred, King of the East Angles, and Leofrana. A pious youth, he would have preferred religious life, but was in line for the throne. King of East Anglia for 44 years. He would have preferred to remain celibate, but agreed to seek the hand of Althryda (Alfrida) daughter of Offa, King of the Mercians in order to continue a stable line to the crown. There were a number of supernatural indications that it was a bad choice, but Ethelbert went anyway. Due to court intrigues, Ethelbert was murdered by a man named Grimbert at the instigation of his father-in-law, Offa of Mercia. Often listed as a martyr.


  • murdered in 793 at Villa Australis, Mercia, England
  • his body was buried like trash, but a heavenly light identified it, and it was eventually relocated
  • buried at Maurdine near the Lugg River in Mercia
  • remains relocated to Stratus-way
  • remains relocated to Fernley (modern Hereford, England)
  • remains relocated to Hereford Cathedral
  • during one of the moves the head fell off the body, fell of the cart it was being carried in, touched a pedestrian who had been blind for eleven years, and cured him
  • head enshrined at Westminster Abbey



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