Saint Enric de Osso y Cervello

Saint Henry de Ossa y CervelloAlso known as

  • Enrique
  • Henry



The youngest of three children born to Jaime and Micaela de Osso y Cervello. Enric felt an early call to the priesthood, which his mother supported but his father opposed. At age 12 Enric was sent to Quinto de Ebro to learn the textile business from his uncle. There Henry became seriously ill, and upon his recovery, had to return home; he stopped first at Our Lady of the Pillar to give thanks for his health.

His mother died in the cholera epidemic of 1854, and the boy was sent to Reus to apprentice in the textile business there. Enric sought refuge and a new home in the Montserrat monastery. His brother James took him home, and his father finally began to understand the boy’s desire to follow his vocation. He relented, and Enric studied at Barcelona, Spain where he was a sub-deacon, and at Tortosa, Spain. Classmate with Blessed Emmanuel Domingo y Sol. Ordained on 21 September 1867, celebrating his first Mass at Montserrat, Spain.

He taught mathmatics at the Tortosa seminary. Had a great devotion to Saint Teresa of Avila, and sought to bring her reforming zeal to his preaching and parish missions. Founded the Association of Young Catholic Daughters of Mary and Saint Teresa of Jesus in 1873, the Institute of Josephine Brothers (Josephine Sisterhood) in 1876, and the Congregation of Saint Teresa (the Teresian Missionaries). This group received papal approval in 1877, and the sisters serve today in Europe, Africa and Mexico.

Founded and wrote extensively for the publications El Hombre (The Man), El Amigo del Pueble (The Friend of the People), and Revista Teresiana (The Teresian Review). He aimed much of his writings and teachings to women. He published works aimed at a female audience on prayer and living the spiritual life. Was working with Blessed Emmanuel Domingo y Sol to develop a Josephite order for men when he died.






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