Saint Ennodius of Pavia

Also known as

  • Ennodio of Pavia
  • Magnus Felix Ennodius
  • Magno Felice Ennodio



Born to the Gallo-Roman nobility. Well educated in the sciences and rhetoric. Married to a wealthy member of the nobility. Recovering from a serious illness, Ennodius examined his life, decided to put away worldly things, and consecrated himself to God. His wife retired to a convent to become a nun, and Ennodius became a deacon, serving under Saint Epiphanius of Pavia. Taught rhetoric in Milan, Italy. Bishop of Pavia, Italy in 510 where he was known for his concern for the life of his flock in this world, and for their spiritual training. Twice served as legate for Pope Hormisdas to Emperor Anastasius in whose court he worked against the heresy of Eutychianism; on his second trip, in 517, he was so ill-treated for supporting orthodox Christianity that he had to escape the city. Some of his poetry, hymns and ascetical writings have survived.


  • c.473 in Cisalpine Gaul (an area of modern northern Italy)



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