Saint Engelmaro



Born to a poor peasant family. Hermit in the forest near Passau, Germany. As his reputation for piety and wisdom spread, the people of the region came to him for advice. Murdered by a man who was envious of Engelmaro’s popularity.



  • night of 13 to 14 January 1100 near Passau, Germany
  • the killer hid the body in a snow drift
  • the body was discovered during the spring thaw
  • relics transferred to the Promenstatensian church in Windberg, Germany in 1331
  • a custom developed in Winberg called “searching for Engelmaro” where the villagers go “in search” of the body of Engelmaro, find it (the relics), and then take the relics in procession from the forest back to the town


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